By: 09.26.12

Just because this week has supplied the utmost urgency for a deal to be completed between the referees’ union and the NFL doesn’t actually mean it’s going to get down. At least not before a hasty reporter gets a chance to get everyone’s hopes up before an actual deal gets hashed out. And there’s no better NFL reporter out there willing to jump the gun on a story, or just be plain wrong, like Chris Mortensen.

This morning, Mort let out the exclusive nugget that a deal has been more or less been reached and that the refs could be back this week. Lots of people rejoiced to have the real, slightly less awful refs back. Others had very guarded optimism because, again, it’s Mort.

Well, it took about half an hour, but an another, most trustworthy, reporter has already let us know that the sides are working toward a deal but it’s still anything but certain at this point.

Oop dee! Oh well. Now SportsCenter is hedging its bets by describing Mort’s report as saying the two sides are “very close” which is just vague enough to get people to tune in.

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