Broncos-Chargers Live Blog, Second Half
"What Did I Say About Not Screwing Off, Norv"

No Need To Ask Anybodddddaaaaayyyyyyy

By 10.15.12

Keep pulling, Phil.

I must say, I’m unplugging from all known sources of media narrative for the next few days. I can’t bear the inevitable reaction of Peyton Manning overcoming a 24-point halftime deficit, especially when it was a tale of two derpy halves. It was the Broncos special teams and Eric Decker in the first half. Pretty much all Marmalard in the second half. Five turnovers. After three, I was wishing he would stop because with five turnovers, you cease to be able to entirely blame Norv Turner for this debacle. Which means Norv lifes to lose nines games another day.


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