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Seahawks-49ers Live Blog, First Half

By 10.18.12

One of the best match-ups of the week on Thursday night. How nice to put that at a time when players only have three days rest.

I’ve said elsewhere that it was the rampant Peter King fluffing that turned me against Russell Wilson. I know that’s not really a fair thing to hold against someone. Wilson is just being himself. If he happens to charm some reporters who skew their coverage in favor of players they personally like, that’s not really his fault.

After the win against the Patriots, it wasn’t just Peter King anymore. All of a sudden, you kept hearing, “Sure, there are others with better stats, but guess which quarterback is leading all rookies with wins? Russell Wilson!” That’s right. Russellmania is dangerously close to assuming the role of this year’s Tim Tebow. Sure, there aren’t enough parallels for the comparison to work perfectly. After all, Wilson doesn’t have a legion of fanatical religious followers. Still, like Tebow, the media gives him a disproportionate amount of credit for his team’s victories. And there’s the element of defiance in his success that the media enjoys. People didn’t think (correctly) that Tebow could overcome his his poor mechanics and be a top-flight quarterback. A lot of the same doubts surrounded Wilson’s height. That said, Wilson is at least occasionally capable of something resembling adequate NFL quarterback play.

Woe is us the Seahawks win this game. Especially if it’s another in dramatic last-minute come-from-behind fashion. It won’t come easy with the Niners spoiling for retribution after their humbling at the hands of the Giants on Sunday.


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