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Terry Bradshaw Being Stupid And Racist, Part Always

By 11.05.12

I think Curt Menefee might want to take back what he told me about how he likes it that Terry Bradshaw is still doing the highlights for FOX. Curt seems shockingly not thrilled with Bradshaw’s joke about Reggie Bush running like he’s chasing chicken. In Terry’s defense… ha ha, just kidding. He’s indefensibly awful.


UPDATE: Bradshaw’s colleagues at FOX assure the Twitterverse that Bradshaw is only referencing the fried chicken that Jimmy Johnson typically eats on Sundays. Eh, even if he wasn’t being overtly racist, Bradshaw should still know better than to say something that evokes a bad stereotype. Well, I guess expecting Bradshaw to be aware of anything is asking a lot, but a competent broadcaster should be aware.

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