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Dan Marino Has a Bastard

By 01.31.13

Since retiring and entering the Hall of Fame, Dan Marino has apparently been spending his time entering production assistants. Oh, and contributing forgettable analysis for CBS. The New York Post has the nuggetbomb this morning that Marino and a then-35-year-old PA for CBS named Donna Savattere had a kid in 2005.

She gave birth to their daughter, Chloe, in June 2005.

“They had an affair, and she had a baby,” said a source. “Everything was on the down-low and secretive.”

Marino yesterday admitted to his dalliance.

“This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then,” he told The Post in a written statement. “We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved.”

For what it’s worth, at least Marino is owning up to it and financially supporting the kid. As far as former players turned media personalities cheating on their wives with TV employees, Marino got the jump on Tiki Barber, yet still managed to be less scummy about it than Tiki with his dalliance. That’s worth something, I suppose.

Anyway, now begins the cruel, trolly jokes that, like his mistress, Dan Marino has no rings.


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