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NFL Draft Rounds 2-3 Open Thread

By 04.26.13

Being a Jets fan has to be a traumatic experience. Looks like one of them copes by bringing his teddy bear with him to the draft. Seems healthy. Hopefully he’ll be there tonight holding a blankie with BOOOOOOOO! stitched into it.

Geno Smith bowed to the pressure of the trolls and decided to attend the second day of the draft after all. Of course, he probably won’t have to wait around long before being taken, as he’s expected to be scooped up fairly early in the second round. Then again, he was expected to be taken in the first, so who the hell knows. Matt Barkley and Manti Te’o should get off the board fairly early as well, so it’ll be a good round for formerly hyped prospect plummeting down draft boards. Eddie Lacy should also get selected in the first few picks, reassuring people who worry that no one wants running backs anymore.

After the news that he skipped meetings with teams interested in him last week, there’s a pretty good chance he won’t get picked until Saturday, so that should be fun.

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NFL Draft Rounds 2-3 Open Thread


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