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By 07.22.13

Back when the Ryan Braun PED scandal first surfaced in late 2011, buddy and co-restauranteur Aaron Rodgers put out a bunch of defiant tweets attesting to Braun’s innocence. In one of which, he responded to a fan saying that he’d put up a year’s salary on the fact that Braun never used PEDs.

Waaayyylp, now Braun is being suspended for the remainder of this baseball season. He’s accepting of the punishment that he once adamantly opposed. Of course that doesn’t mean that Aaron Rodgers is going to pony up for his thoughtless Twitter boasting. He won’t. But it would be great to see him have to fork over $4.5 million in base salary for an ill-thought tweet. Hey, he did also get a $35 million signing bonus this year. He can afford to be without his base salary.


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