KSK Kommenter Draft: Desert Island Albums

By: 08.30.13

judge not lest ye be judged

It’s the last weekend of the stupid useless ass preseason! Of course that means it’s also the last week of offseason drafts. Take a minute to pretend to be sad, then remember that we’re getting real football next week. Also, fantasy football next week. I think we’ll all accept that trade-off.

For this year’s Kommenter Draft finale, we’re going with another suggestion from loyal drafter/reader Zach. I’m not sure why we’ve never done desert island albums before (we did do desert island films a few years back). Maybe we just had to wait for High Fidelity fade into obscurity. F*cking John Cusack, with his compulsive need to categorize while standing in the rain actin’ a bitch. Anyway…

With the first pick in the draft I’m going to surprise none of our long-time (don’t read that) readers by picking Train of Thought from Reflection Eternal. Twenty tracks and over an hour of awesome that I never seem to tire of.

Make your picks in the comments, but the one rule is no compilation albums or box sets.

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