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This Season Of ‘Hard Knocks’ Has Some Promise

By 08.07.13


Altogether, not a bad opener for this season of “Hard Knocks”. I enjoyed it more than all non-Chad Johnson moments from last year’s Dolphins season. Hue Jackson and Mike Zimmer are suitably profane. Pacman Jones’ car broke down in front of the stadium because he couldn’t be bothered to look at the gas gauge. And James Harrison’s overwhelming contempt for “Hard Knocks” camera people, whether it’s slamming doors in their faces or flipping them off at every opportunity, is everything you could hope to expect from James Harrison on “Hard Knocks”. Plus, he had to get warned by a coach not to injure A.J. Green.

Add an extended scene of Oklahoma drills and that was a eminently watchable hour of television.

Counterpoint: There was a super dramatic slo-mo of Andy Dalton making a winning ladder ball toss. That alone might have undone everything positive about that episode.



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