Jets-Patriots TNF Live Blog, Second Half

By: 09.12.13


It’s hard to tell whether the Jets are really hanging in there or if the Patriots simply stopped trying after they scored their opening drive touchdown. That score went to Aaron Dobson on his first career catch. He was uncovered as the Jets were fooled by the Patriots lining up three tackles on the play.

At that point, it looked like the New England blowout most had presumed it would be, especially after Stephen Hill caught an impressive pass by Geno Smith and had the ball kicked out of his hands by Aqib Talib. But that short field only yielded a field goal. One more field goal and that’s been the extent of the Patriots scoring thus far.

Why that score isn’t higher is a mix of conservative playcalling, Brady missing some passes and having some bad drops. Dobson dropped two in a row on a drive midway through the second quarter. The latter drop, he was streaking deep with at least two steps on the nearest defender. A Brady throw landed at his feet in the red zone on the next drive, and Brady went batshit for a couple minutes.

New York has only been on the Patriots side of the field twice. The first time, they actually got in scoring range and appeared to get a touchdown pass to Clyde Gates on a third down, but it was overturned on review. Since then, they’ve put together only one sustained drive and that one only barely went past midfield.

Geno Smith isn’t getting any time, making an otherwise not-as-bad-as-it-could-be 10-point deficit still look insurmountable. Ah well, who’s up for another half of Tom Brady getting petulant with his receivers?

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