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By 10.05.13


Meet three-year-old Kalee Beutow, who is a better Seahawks fans than any of you. Sure, she knows Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. But she also knows who Tom Cable and Kam Chancellor are. Do you know who Kam Chancellor is, young, misguided bro in Topeka wearing a neon green Wilson jersey to your favorite bar, swearing you’ve loved the Seahawks since Steve Largent?

To be fair, kids remember the stupidest things. Else, there’d be no market for any of those Pokemons the kids are all into. But Kalee’s recall is still pretty impressive and better than Greg Schiano. (Side note: more impressive, though, is the kid riding a dog like a bull rider in the segment intro in the video below. Again: riding a dog. Like a bull.) The Seahawks aren’t the only thing that consumes the kid, though.

Evan said Kalee only likes to talk about two things before bedtime: the Seattle Seahawks and Jesus.

Which clearly means Kalee will be the driving force behind

Hahahahaha, just kidding, this kid is actually smart. Watch below.


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