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By 10.23.13


Via AP

Folks by now many of you of heard about the 91-0 blowout that the Aledo High School football team put on the Western Hills team. Folks this wasnt a homecoming this was a homebukkaking IMO. 91-0s the type score youd expect to see in a head to head Jason Campbell verse Ryan Fitzpatrick wonderlic tournament, not on a HS football field. It should of ended as a national headline cheering the Aledos and jeering the Western Hillses, especially when you consider that Aledo didn’t even have good players on the field for the last 3 quarter of the game- but then the PC Police had to get involved.

Thats right one of the parents from Western Hills filed a formal bullying claim with the Texas Education Agency. This is a Textbook frivolous case and the TEA of all people should be the first to recognize that for crying out loud. Unfortunately because we live in America everything has to be investigated just because someone files a formal accusation with documentation, and now a High School football coach is under fire for playcall discipline, detailed execution and pinning his ears back.

SMH so hard I get CTE folks. Welcome to America the country were your not allowed to win at anything anymore unless its a hugging contest where the winner is actually the person who feels the most loved. These are the same people who want to be “tolerant” and “understanding” of Gays, poor people, everyone except for bullies I guess. Well Ive got some news for the parent who filed the complaint= I looked up the definition of “bullying” in the TEA rulebook heres what I found:

The Texas Education Agency defines bullying this way: “Bullying occurs when a person is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself.

“Bullying is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions. Bullying involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time. Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength.”

Well Id like to file a formal “bullying” complaint verse the parent who filed this bullying complaint and also name the PC Police as codefendents. These type people have exposed me repeatedly and over time to hearing there garbage and I have a hardtime defensing myself against them. Technically it meets their definition and guess what? Now we’re trapped in a never ending litigation, when the only viscous circle in HS football should be putting some of your star LBs in “bull in the ring” with weaker freshmen to build there confidence.

I bullied people back in HS and I turned out fine and so did they probably. Its part of growing up and life, what if Microsoft filed bullying complaints verse Apple? What if Peter King filed bullying complaints verse his cholesterol and facts? What if Obama filed bullying complaints verse Benghazis and also liberty? Heres a list the only things that should be considered bullying:

  • killing someone

Thats it, just killing a man. Life is a food chain except in America bullies dont eat weaker people we just take your lunch money. Get use to it nerd.


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