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The Bad Mike Wallace Drop Of The Week

There’s A Huge “RIP Lennay Kekua” Banner In Oakland Today

By 10.06.13


If it werent for them being really bad at sports I would be the biggest Raiders fan in the world just because of Al Davises contributions to humanity and dermatology textbooks,, but now they’ve entered a whole nother level of being awesome. A bunch of fans are hanging a “RIP Lennay Kekua” sign in the Black Hole to taunt Manti Te’o as him and the Charger’s make their trip up to Oakland in a game that no one will watch because it gets started half a hour after Red Shoe diarys ends.

Sticking with the Duchovny theme,, you could say this one belongs in the Ex Files as kind of almost a little joke, but if they really wanted to get under Te’os skin they should of stuck with the easiest method and just posed as a unliscened bicep tattoo artist who specialises in doing designs of like depressed Killer Whales eyes on top of a palm tree or whatever the heck, no offence. Also it just would of been so cool if they had worn a bunch of Tuiasosopo jerseys to stick it to Americas favorite Liebacker, but you have to admit this is pretty cool and shows intelligents.


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