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30 Football Things To Be Thankful For

30 Football things to be thankful for

By 11.29.13

Football is wonderful and if you don’t love it you are a communist who hates America. Not everything about football is great, but those things are lame. This article is about the things we love. What in Football are you thankful for?

1. Fat Man Running With Football
2. The Buttfumble
3. Worst to first
4. Epic Comebacks
5. Philip Rivers






7. Kick and Punt returns
8. The Cowboys losing
9. Manningface

Manning 9

10. Stomping your rival team
11. Press Conference Meltdowns
12. Angry Mike Tirico
13. Gronk


14. Harbaugh Tantrums
15. Tailgating
16. The Brady/Manning rivalry
17. Tebow is unemployed
18. Omar Epps

Mike Tomlin

19. Fantasy Football
20. Romoceptions
21. Superbowl victories! Unless you like the Chargers/Lions/Jaguars/Panthers/Eagles/Falcons/Titans/Cardinals/Seahawks/Bills/Texans/Browns/Vikings/Bengals
22. This picture


23. JJ Watt
24. Megatron
25. Purple Jesus

purple jesus2

26. Joe Buck has to die at some point, right
27. When that jerk trash talking coworker’s team loses
28. Walrus Coaches


29. Eric Berry’s horse phobia
30. Sexy Rexy

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