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Colts-Titans TNF Live Blog, Second Half

By 11.14.13


That’s right, NFL Network introduced Andrew Luck with a graphic that lauded his off-the-charts intangibles. Never mind that intangibles by nature can’t be measured, which is the very thing that makes them intangible. I just assume that Mike Mayock made a line graph where the y-axis is “time Andrew Luck is on screen” and the x-axis is “Mayock boner size” then drew a straight line directly off the page.

That said, it still wasn’t the most aggravating NFLN graphic of the first place. That would be this.

As for the action, it appears someone reanimated the 2009 version of Chris Johnson. On their opening drive, the Titans got a few first downs via crossing route passes. Having to respect a passing game led by Ryan Fitzpatrick has to feel bizarre, which help explain how the Colts were caught flat-footed the rest of the way. The 80-yard drive closed out with a 30-yard Chris Johnson TD run.

Indy responded by going three-and-out on the ensuing drive. Minutes later, Chris Johnson had a second touchdown. That’s right, 70 yards and two TDs on the first two drives. That’s better than six of his yardage outputs for this year.

Indy finally showed signs of life as the first quarter came to a close. After a 10-minute delay to clear up a “too many men on the field” penalty, they finally resumed a possession near midfield. The drive didn’t advance much further, however, and the Colts had to settle for a 48-yard Adam Vinatieri field goal for their first points.

The next score belonged to the Titans, a field goal set up by 43 penalty yards on a drive that had a flag on seemingly every snap. It also featured a headbutt on a helmetless player that somehow didn’t produce an ejection.

Indy tacked on another field goal before half, leaving the Colts in need of another dramatic second half comeback lest they let the AFC South become a wide open race again.

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