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Redskins Failures Leave Fan Flaccid

By 11.20.13

skinseaglesLooks like ‘Skins fans can still get one thing up

This week in tales of distraught Washington fans comes this gem from local sports talk radio in the D.C. area. On 106.7 The Fan’s The Holden & Danny Show, the hosts put out a request to listeners for ways the Redskins have ruined their lives. From Dave in Waldorf (honestly a pretty good Tawmmy from Quinzee equivalent for ‘Skins fans) comes this:

“Now listen, I’m gonna tell y’all how they messed me up, man,” Dave said. “I put my heart and soul into these Redskins, man. The other day my girl wanted to have sex with me, I couldn’t even do it bruh. I’m just so hurt with these Redskins.”

“Hold on, you turned down sex because of the Redskins?” Holden asked.

“I think I’ve got ED or something man. I don’t know,” Dave said. “It’s because of these Redskins, man, I can’t do it.”

Hail to the Limpskins!

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