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Greg Hardy Tries To Explain The Kraken, Mystifies Reporters

By 12.10.13

Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy got the nation’s attention on Sunday Night Football by identifying himself as Kraken, hailing from Hogwarts during player intros. A couple reporters approached Hardy on Monday to see if there was any deeper meaning to the intro and left even more confused than before.

Reporter 1: “Where did you come up with Hogwarts?”

Kraken: “Have you ever seen Harry Potter? Hogwarts. A little witchcraft. Wizardry.”

Reporter 1: “How long have you been thinking of that?”

Kraken: “It’s The Kraken. Mystical. It’s where he lives at.”

Reporter 1: “You’re mixing mythology and fantasy.”

Kraken: “I can do whatever I want. I’m The Kraken. … If you feel you can ask The Kraken personally where he goes to school, and prove me wrong, then I feel like I’ll change it.”

Reporter 2: “How long have you been Kraken?”

Kraken: “For as long as I can remember. Yesterday.”

Reporter 1: “Is Ole Miss Hogwarts?”

Kraken: “No, that’s not where I said I went. Hardy went to Ole Miss.”

Reporter 1 as Reporter 2 steps back: “And Kraken didn’t?”

Kraken: “That’s time blown right there. You gotta listen. I’m talking. You’ve got to listen.”

The media just can’t understand wizardry. Typical.

Not to be overlooked is Hardy recounting the reaction from producers at NBC:

Hardy explained how last week, when the film crew was in town to produce the introductions, he went in after practice and did it in one take.

“After practice, I’m tired,” he said. “I’m trying to be as nice as I can. They said, ‘Are you sure?’ (I said) ‘Yeah that’s all I got for you. Kind of want to go to sleep now.’


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