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Ugly Bowl Voting: NFC West

By 12.19.13

uglybowlnfcwestWell, at least one of the polls last week was interesting.  After a whole bunch of lead changes, Chase Blackburn narrowly edged out Jimmy Graham in a battle to decide which not really all that ugly player will lose to Mike Glennon in the next round.  This week, however, we move on to the NFC West.


First up, we have Jon Ryan, punter for the Seahawks, and occasional background extra for the hit TV series Trailer Park Boys.  Though, I will say, that new-wave-band hair thing he has going on is pretty impressive, and serves to bring out his comically-too-close-together eyes.  He’s up against Lawrence Okoye, British track and field athlete and defensive lineman for the 49ers.  Here he is in a pair of short shorts.  Who will claim victory of these two hated rivals?  Maybe if the Seahawks win, they could put Jon Ryan on a billboard and brag about how he beat the Niners in round 1 of the Ugly Bowl.


Now for our last NFC matchup, we have the unfortunate facial hair of backup QB Ryan Lindley representing the Arizona Cardinals.


(BONUS: Here‘s what he looks like before he gnaws off your face and eats it in front of you.)

He steps into the Ugly Bowl arena with Corland Finnegan, star cornerback for the Rams, who has a pretty weird neck but not as weird of a neck as Mike Glennon.  (The NFC is probably his to lose, though I’d love to be proven wrong.)


As always, vote below.  I’ll tally up the scores in a week, and we’ll move on to the AFC.

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