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Kevin Gilbride About To Be Fired, Quits Instead

By 01.02.14

This time of year, as we all search for discount egg nog and signs of our respective dignities which were lost during late nights of vomit and streamers, we must remember that the NFL’s front offices are deep in one of their busier times of year, and Kevin Gilbride is a casualty of that.

Giants owner John Mara promised changes for an offense he referred to as “broken”, and rather than waiting out the axe, Gilbride opted for the eternally popular, “You can’t fire me. I quit!” routine popular with professional coaches and children playing tag.

gilbride quit

The resignation comes on the anniversary of Gilbride getting cold cocked in the nose by Buddy Ryan and a few days after a story came out about two players on the ’93 Oilers being totally gay for each other, which could be a coincidence or maybe Kevvy is going through some sort of “What does it all mean?” period in his life, prompted by these memories.

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