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Seattle Seahawks Valiantly Trying To Save Universe From ENTOURAGE Movie

By 03.24.14

Kevin Connelly Twitter Broken Leg

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson valiantly tried to save the universe from the upcoming ENTOURAGE movie slated for a 2015 release by making sure star Kevin Connelly had a minor accident on set last week. And by minor accident, Connelly’s leg was broken in two places from simply tossing the ball around with the Super Bowl winning quarterback.

One would think such an accident would cause shooting to shut down for at least a day or two, but true to his character Eric in the movie, Connelly was immediately back on set because what the hell else is Kevin Connelly doing other pricing modest homes in Encino.

This is not the first major injury to befall one of the ENTOURAGE stars. Honorary Entourage Bro In Charge of Gronking Rob Gronkowski revealed that his ACL injury would not keep him away from the set.

While Wilson made a good show of trying to end the production, it looks like we’re going to have to count on MMA champion Ronda Rousey to roundly break Adrian Grenier’s nose reaching to pull Jeremy Piven’s hair plugs out while simultaneously ball-stomping Kevin Dillon to put the production in any real jeopardy.




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