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By 07.01.14

It was a swift fall from grace in the NFL for Kevin Kolb. There was a while, when the former second-round pick mostly sat on the Eagles bench, that Kolb showed in limited action that he could potentially be a viable starter. In 2011, Kolb was traded to Arizona, who then bestowed a six-year, $63.5 million contract on him. After two seasons marked by mediocrity and injury, Kolb was out. He’d surface briefly in Buffalo before suffering a concussion in a preseason game severe enough to end his career.

Without football, Kolb is back home in Texas, making a new life for himself, which apparently includes getting arrested for boating while intoxicated over the weekend.

He was released Sunday on a personal recognizance bond. The arrest occured on Saturday June 28. He spent time in jail from 2:44am on June 29, 2014 and was released at 1:11pm.

Not only is that unfortunate, but especially poorly timed. The Fourth sounds like a great time to get some boat drinks in, but that doesn’t seem in the cards for Kolb now. At least not on his boat.


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