2015 KSK Fantasy Team Naming Guide

07.30.15 2 years ago 133 Comments


It’s getting to be about that time of the year, unless you’re one of those weirdos who fantasy drafts even before IRL teams report to training camp. For the rest of us, we’re now just getting into the thick of our preparation for fantasy drafts. That means identifying sleepers and trying to figure out how soon DeMarco Murray’s body is going to fall apart after getting 450 touches last season. Most important of all, it means coming up with a good fantasy name. Allow us to aid you in your quest with our suggestions below:

Dorito Dinks
Good-ass Kinja
Johnny Idiotface
ISIS Dildo Flags
Large Adult Sons
Scalia’s Jiggery-Pokers
Sansa’s Little Helper
JPP Fingerblast Inc
Hungry Hungry HIPAA
Florio’s Decapitated Uncles
Fuccboi Mayo Party
Smashed Samsungs For Justice
Spray Tannehill
My Wife Left Me
Precocious Abstinence Slingers
J.J. Watt’s Rising Body Count
RG3’s Nonexistent Ligaments
The Ted Wells of Anal
Underground Pad Level
Jade Helm All-Stars
Ello’s 15 Minutes
Commish Better Have My Money
Antonio Brown’s Inevitably Totaled Rolls Royce
Arians Nation
Gronker’s Bad Fur Day
Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia SAEgles
Tim Tebow’s Hyman Trophy
Emmanuelle in Space
Red Brick Broadway
My Jameis Boned Us
You Down With ODB (He Fellated Me)
Gruden’s Loaded Smoothies
Gronk If You’re Horny
Hochuli’s Jungle Boys
Shady Lady Party
Mariota’s Surfbort
I Play! I Lose! I Play Again!
Mad Max: Furry Chode
Tomsula Fucks Minions
Uproxx’s Social Media Team Suggested A Fantasy Football Name And It Was Perfect
Problematic Trigger Warnings
Peter King’s SadBod
Unfeeling Restaurant Hosts
Make America #Elite Again
Genie Your Free
The Hall of Fame Bylaws
The Domestic Violence Space
Imagine Dragon Deez Nutz
21 + 48 = Nice
Chip Kelly’s Ex Wives Club
Hollywood Florida Hulk Hogan
Dez Bryant’s Tape
110 Percent Lunchpail Society
I’m Cuckolding Russell Wilson

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