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simmonsRevelation No. 7: Simmons Knows Dick. Not only was his team thoroughly manhandled at home by the Ravens (though Joe Flacco finishing with a QB rating of 10 was an amusing touch) but Bill Simmons missed on all four of his Wild Card picks. Possible cosmic retribution for writing this:

Revelation No. 5: If your team blows a chance to go 19-0 because the opposing QB broke free of a sack while his offensive line was having a “who can commit the most blatant holding penalty” contest, then chucks the ball up for grabs, only to have it caught by a backup wide receiver who’s falling backward and traps the ball off the top of his helmet to keep the drive alive, the only way that sequence can be more gut-wrenching is if that receiver never makes another professional football catch.

Or simply the result of more mundane cluelessness. A divisional rivalry actually compelled me to root for New England to win this game, but in consecutive weeks for the Pats to lose to a team with Bernard Pollard on the roster, then one with David Tyree, is about as sweet a coda for a Pats seasons as, well, almost anything.

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