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31. THE DEATH PANEL. Josh and Brandon wander completely off the reservation in this off-topic April 1 episode. Instead of dumping on Donovan McNabb or laughing at the Buffalo Bills, we assembled a panel of experts for a non-partisan discussion of the federal health care legislation signed by the President last week.

The Panel:

Ben Domenech is the managing editor for health care policy at The Heartland Institute, the editor of The New Ledger, where he hosts a weekly podcast called “Coffee and Markets.” Ben mentioned this piece for CBS News regarding possible opt-outs by the states during the discussion.

Jonathan Powell is an actuary, who formerly worked for CIGNA, a leading American health insurance company. He still works as an actuary in Washington, DC. He mentions this article from the New Yorker during the discussion.

Slothrop (“John”) is a former pre-med student and now a part-time adjunct teaching at public universities in California Georgia. He is a prominent commenter here on KSK and other sites. He currently pays for health care out-of-pocket.

Recorded March 31, 2010 ; runs 49 minutes. Listen here, Subscribe on iTunes.

Next week: Best of HOUSE OF PUNTE, Volume 1.

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