49ers suspend announcer for talking about Ray Rice, still start Ray McDonald

09.11.14 3 years ago 32 Comments

Ted Robinson, suspended 49ers announcer

Via 49ers.com

Ted Robinson, suspended 49ers announcer

While everyone is losing their damn mind about Goodell Gate and his picking the former FBI head who wanted to wiretap everyone to head the investigation, the 49ers have quietly gotten themselves mired in a domestic violence imbroglio of their own. Last night, while you were worries about Goodell and ISIS, the 49ers suspended announcer Ted Robinson for comments he made on KNBR on Monday regarding the Ray Rice situation. According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

In discussing the controversy regarding former Ravens running back Ray Rice, Robinson said the victim, Rice’s wife, Janay, bore some of the responsibility for not speaking up after she was knocked unconscious by her then-fiancee.

“That, to me, is the saddest part of it,” Robinson said.

Robinson also said her decision to marry Rice after she was assaulted was “pathetic.”

Meanwhile, the 49ers still have no plans to sit Ray McDonald, slated to start yet another game following his arrest for an alleged domestic violence incident (which happened to occur the day after the NFL claimed it would crack down harder on violators of the league). Now, there’s no excusing Robinson’s heinous victim blaming. His comments were bad enough that the Pac-12 Network, who Robinson also works for, has benched Robinson, too. So a reprimand for Robinson is understandable; ESPN has suspended writers and anchors for less.

Some have suspected Robinson’s awful rant as a way of “subtly” defending the team’s decision to not bench McDonald while the San Jose Police Department still investigates the incident. And, meanwhile, the team, which has come under fire for its stance on McDonald, is busy trying to say “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” and promote the home opener at their new stadium that cost the same as the new(ish) Cowboys stadium but looks 100% more bland. Oh, and kickoffs in primetime on NBC Sunday Night Football for all the world to see and ooooh and aaaah over the new digs.

And all the while, the echo chamber gets louder and louder as the main concern from all of this – domestic violence and its prevalence among NFL players and how that’s emblematic of the country as a whole – gets pushed further and further into the background.

Good times.

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