49ers Trade Conditional Pick For Jonathan Martin

03.11.14 4 years ago 41 Comments

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As the bullying scandal with Richie Incognito played out, Jonathan Martin was adamant that he wanted to continue playing in the NFL, albeit not with the Dolphins, the team he left midway through the 2013 season claiming mental distress.

Most observers presumed the most likely destination for Martin, were he to get another NFL job, would be in Indianapolis, where the lineman could reunite with former Stanford teammate Andrew Luck.

Per Adam Schefter, the 49ers are giving the Dolphins a conditional draft pick. So far, those conditions and what round pick are unclear, though most likely it’s a lower round selection, making this a very low-risk move for San Francisco. That is, unless Martin has a supernatural ability to bring out the worst in people and suddenly Aldon Smith kidnaps Martin and holds in ransom at gunpoint atop Coit Tower.

Also a genius move to deal for Blaine Gabbert, who will make more money than Colin Kaepernick in 2014 unless Kaep’s extension gets worked out, before making this move, as the fan base will hail it as great as hearing about Gabbert. Plus, with Gabbert in the locker room, who has time to pick on Jonathan Martin?

Martin getting a new home didn’t take as long as expected. Now for the matter for which team will take on Incognito, if any.

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