Theirs the door

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Ladies and gentlemen of the kommentariat, its been just a blast getting to right for you all for the past 2 years here at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Old James

Someone Cue The F-ing Semisonic

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An amazing site built by amazing, talented people, filled with amazing, hilarious readers and kommenters that a bunch of amazingly smart and gifted folks were lucky to write for. I’ll miss you all.


KSK Fans React Completely Reasonably

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Our resident Facebook take miner is also bowing out.

Farewell Mike

From the KSK Staff: Farewell, Mike

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As Im sure youve all heard by now, Christmas Ape has decided to hang up the, uh, what do you have to wear when your a blogger.

xmas ape

Smell Ya Later Forever, KSK

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Your trusty editor Ape bids farewell.

2015 NFL Prekkake

2015 NFL Prekakke: New England Patriots

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Despite losing Brady for a month, and the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets getting better, the Pats still seem like AFC East favorites.


Tom Brady’s Phone Fiasco Gets The ‘Breaking Bad’ Treatment

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Here's a spoof that's just as ridiculous as this whole Patriots debacle.

this week in f k you

This Week In F*ck You: Canada

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When you run out of firewood, you gotta burn the axe.

2015 NFL Prekkake

KSK 2015 NFL Prekkake: Indianapolis Colts

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All the fun of predictable failure but fewer Trent Richardson laughs.


Kansas City Chiefs Announce Eric Berry Will Return To Practice

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The former first-round draft pick missed part of last season while undergoing treatments for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


The NFL Reduced Le’Veon Bell’s DUI Suspension To Two Games

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A weed DUI is not as bad as destroying a cell phone, according to the NFL.

jen welter

For Preseason, Arizona Cardinals Bring On First Female Coach In NFL History

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Jen Welter will be a coaching intern working with the inside linebackers during training camp and preseason.

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