A Company Is Selling Temporary Kaepernick Tattoos

01.24.13 5 years ago 22 Comments

Come on down and get your KaeperTats and you too can be really pious while also pissing off racists like David Whitley. That’s right, an enterprising young company is hawking temporary tattoos modeled off the real tattoo sleeves that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sports.

Each of the three tattoo designs retails for about nine bucks. Or the company will sell you all three in a bundle for $20. So what was the inspiration for this? Please tell me it’s to get Eli Manning to buy them so people will think he’s tough.

We were having a casual breakfast- just 4 overly caffeinated , well-fed, normal 49er fans, when the idea was thrown out to give folks a chance to have a slice of Kaepernicking with their own version of his magical tattoos.

Why are they magic, exactly? Is it because Jesus is magic? Or is capitalism magic? Magic for everyone!

Given that Kaepernick has already tried to trademark the Kaepernicking meme/celebration, these folks better make their money while they can before the lawyers come knocking.

[h/t – The Fifth Down blog]

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