A Distant Frigid View From The AFC Championship

My view of the trophy presentation. Just close enough to make out Nantz’s smug. Try to contain your jealousy.

My buddy and DCSN co-writer DixieNormess came through with a free ticket to yesterday’s game. First 30 minutes: WOOOOOOOOO! The next 28: HNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHH. All 60 minutes: [A noise approximating my balls freezing.] A couple Jets fans left at halftime, including these two old fat guys sitting behind us grumbling that fans shouldn’t be cheering because “we haven’t been saying anything.” Just a few less people barking in his ear during the second half comeback attempt.

Not watching on TV, I missed the two actual enduring moments from this game: Sanchez wiping boogers on Mark Brunell and Rashard Mendenhall smearing his seed on The Ben’s backside.

Watching the NFC title game in a nearby bar, I spotted this guy in what I can only assume is a customized Dirty Sanchez jersey.

One of his buddies told him a bunch of Steelers fans were burning a piece of Jets merch on the patio, so he storms outside and proves the fortitude of Jersey to Yinzer Nation by standing in fire pit a half dozen times. Fireman Ed certainly does not endorse such antics.

Oh, and there was a guy tailgating in a pink ape suit. I dubbed him Easter Ape. Color coordination alone dictates that this should be my lifemate, but I’ll defer to Mendy on this one.

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