A Former NFL Player Invented a Twerking Board Game

04.29.15 3 years ago 44 Comments


Former Raiders and Buccaneers cornerback Phillip Buchanon has a new self-published book out about money management, so you know he’s an extremely savvy financier with lots of irons in the fire. In it, Buchanon revealed that his mother told him when he was drafted in the first round by Oakland in 2002 that he owed her $1 million for his upbringing.

Buchanon will be one of the invited panelists at the upcoming NFL rookie symposium, where he can explain to incoming NFL players how he has remained financially secure, no doubt in part by inventing a twerking board game that may or may not be ripping off Twister.

“I did it in two nights, I saw everyone was twerking so I thought, ‘What if there was a game that people could play to keep the party going?'”

How does one play a game based on a dance? Phillip says you combine the dance itself with the one thing that makes people do it … alcohol.

Players spin to determine which twerk move they must perform (there are many, consult YouTube), with the bad twerker having to swallow their pride and take a shot of liquor.

So far the $29.99 games are selling like hotcakes according to Phillip … thanks mostly to big time celeb endorsements from guys like Flo Rida, Pleasure P, and Miami rap god (and booty music pioneer) Uncle Luke.

Let’s hope this inspires other football players to get their post-NFL lives together with the combination of alcohol and ass-shaking. When pensions fall short, twerking will come to the rescue.

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