A Most Bountiful Sunday Of NFL Nuggets

08.26.12 5 years ago 28 Comments

Terrell Owens tweeted that the Seahawks cut him, forcing the above gentleman to have to take a loss on the masking tape he invested in his new T.O. jersey. Fitting that both members the former Batman and Robin receiver tandem failed to appear in a single regular season game for their respective new teams this season.

New-age Norwood, Billy Cundiff, was waived by the Ravens, who will instead go with undrafted rookie Justin Tucker at kicker, at least until he shanks an easily makeable kick that would have sent the AFC Championship Game into overtime.

Steelers’ first-round pick, David DeCastro, tore his MCL, dislocated his right knee cap and suffered damage to the patellar tendon in Saturday’s preseason game against the Bills, meaning THE BEN NEW BLOCKMAN NOT HAVE GOOD KNEESPOT BECAUSE OF THE INJURE TURF! NOW THE BEN GET ONLY HALF TICK TOCK OF TIME IN POCKET FOR ALL SEASON

The Dolphins traded cornerback Vontae Davis to the Colts for a second-round pick. The immediate benefit of no more footage of Vontae looking gassed on “Hard Knocks” is offset by an uptick in dicksmack Jim Irsay’s noxious tweets:

The Cowboys have hired a personal security team for Dez Bryant to make sure he stays out of trouble. They did this a few years back with Pacman Jones, as well, and he just ended up fighting one of his own bodyguards. So the path to messing this up has already been trailblazed by the best.

Just two weeks from today, we return to our regular KSK weekend programming with game threads live blogs and, most importantly, so many drinks you guys FOOTBAW.

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