A Preseason T-Shirt For The Ages

08.21.12 4 years ago • 21 Comments

World’s most loathed mini mogul, Dan Snyder, didn’t get where he is by NOT monetizing every little thing he possibly could. With that in mind, of course there is a shirt being sold by the Redskins team store pushing the preseason showdown between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III as tomorrow’s history…TODAY! Snyder, you brilliant opportunistic fleecing bastard.

If anything, I would argue that the shirt is more a potential investment for lovers of ironic football shirts. Buy it to keep as a treasured keepsake and people are just gonna laugh at your desperation. But get one in the hopes that one or more of these quarterbacks turns out to be a bust, and the world laughs along with you. If you had an EPIC SHOWDOWN: PEYTON MANNING VS. RYAN LEAF, OCTOBER 4, 1998, why, you’d have quite the deliciously pathetic memento on your hands, wouldn’t you? This is even better since it’s for a preseason game. Just adds that extra touch of camp so necessary in bad T-shirts.

Now, if you’re in the business of trolling ‘Skins fans – and who isn’t? – the pro tip is Photoshopping Kirk Cousins into the right half of the design. HE DID LOOK BETTER AGAINST THOSE BACK-UPS, COOCH!


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