A Super Super Bowl Podcast For You, In The Event You Have 103 Minutes To Kill

02.05.11 7 years ago 10 Comments


Is Jason Witten the best tight end in the game right now? I ask him that, plus who he thinks belongs on that upper eschelon of elite NFL tight ends. I also ask him about the probability of a lockout in 2011, and whether or not he’d be willing to sit out an entire season. He has a site.

Dan Levy and I discuss his kid’s bleeding penis and some of the storylines for the Super Bowl, including the media day and the weather. He also mentions his young son, and eventually Ben Roethlisberger is worked into a “To Catch A Predator” analogy. Dan does a podcast, also.


Ines Sainz was again the star of the NFL’s media day. This is her seventh Super Bowl, and I ask her what the big deal is. I also ask her if the Jets issue has finally been put to bed, and we find out when Ines started spending more time on her appearance.

Ashley Burns has been helping me at With Leather for many months now. I found out that he runs a pageant magazine, which I think is the closest legal thing in this great nation of ours to pimping.

Two parts. Total runtime 103 minutes. With Josh Zerkle, Phil Raintree and Aaron Merrill.

Jason Witten’s appearance arranged by Take It To The House, presented by P&G. Like them on Facebook. They have some cool Super Bowl stuff up, actually.

Download the MP3s here, or go to the host site, or subscribe on iTunes.

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