A Very Important Mike Florio Smokescreen Advisory

04.12.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

In the weeks leading up to the draft, misinformation is more rife than it usually is, mostly because of GM gamesmanship and also because Jim Irsay sometimes needs attention. Mike Florio wants to stress that you should make sure to apply extra scrutiny to the motivation behind sources’ reports, so he doesn’t have to. Is it because Florio gleefully posted Morris Clairborne’s Wonderlic score, which most believe was released by a team that would like to see him slide further down the draft than he should? What? Heavens no! Floors just cares about you and wants nothing more than to know you’re safe.

The 2012 NFL draft begins two weeks from tonight. And so now is as good a time as any to remind anyone and everyone that the stuff that trickles out regarding players a team may or may not be targeting could all be part of a deliberate effort to fool other teams.

[Posts 20 bullsh*t rumors]

What might seem like a tacit admission of getting burned is more likely Florio just writing a blank check for getting stuff wrong until the end of the month. “Oh, that was incorrect? I didn’t get bad information. No, I was deceived by an evil duplicitous GM who knows an unscrupulous rumor dump when he sees one. Much different! Did you not get my warning? You’re supposed to be checking my work!”

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