All Is Right With The World When Eli Manning Is Pushing Pampers

06.18.12 5 years ago 23 Comments

We gave Peter King grief for gushing over how adorbz Eli Manning and his daughter were throwing out the opening pitch at Sunday’s Mets game. We still don’t care about Daddy-Daughter Day at the ballpark, but we were thrilled when a reader pointed out that Elisha was wearing a f*cking PAMPERS POLO SHIRT. That’s just perfect. All in all, it’s been a terrific off-season for the “Eli Manning: Boy Quarterback” meme. First there was the amazing photo of him playing on the beach with the little toy pail and here’s another “I’m a big kid now” moment.

All that remains is for someone to force Eli to sing the “10 MILLION STRONG… AND GROOOWWWWIIINNNGGG” line from the old Flintstones Vitamins ad and I will ask of nothing more from the universe.

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