Always Be Covering: Better Late Than Never

10.26.08 9 years ago 2 Comments

Hey look, a picture of Kendra with her top on!

Yeah yeah, my travel schedule fucked up my posting this week, and that of course includes Always Be Covering. Fortunately I’m ready to let loose with my simply awful picks just in time for some last minute wagering. Continue after the jump for a quick list of the week’s bets.

Note, all bets are singles for $25 each.

– Brad Johnson just isn’t the quarterback he used to be when he played for today’s opponent. Hell, he isn’t the same Brad Johnson he used to be when he played for the Redskins, Vikings, or the fucking Seminoles. In his defense, they all paid him better.

-The Pats cannot stop Steven Jackson, only his groin can do that. So yes, I’m putting my money on a tenuous crotch muscle (not to be confused with the delicious crotch mussel).

-Arizona shits the bed in the eastern time zone.

-I really need to stop betting on Washington.

-Because when in doubt, fuck Cleveland.

-Okay Giants, just give the fucking ball to Brandon Jacobs. If Eli has to throw the ball, make sure he throws it to Plaxico (or Steve Smith if it’s third down). Now you Steelers, you need to completely abandon the running game the first time Mewelde Moore gets eaten in the backfield. Then just let the Giants tee off on Roethlisberger.

-I’d give up a lot more than four points to take the Titans over the suckass Colts.

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