Always Be Covering: I Miss Thanksgiving

11.23.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

“Oh great, it’s the day after Thanksgiving.” -No sane person, ever.

Yesterday: 1-2
Last Week: 2-2
Overall: 34-32-1

Oh god, 364 days until we get to do that again? Bullsh*t. I’m making stuffing once a week and nobody can stop me except for the crippling obesity that’s surely coming.


So as far as I remember… Houston had to go to overtime, RGIII completely ruined Dallas, The Jets did Jets things and I drank seven different kinds of alcohol. Not a bad day, guys. Sunday’s picks are after the jump.

Tennessee Titans -3 at Jacksonville Jaguars

That was fun last week, wasn’t it Jagaurs fans? Yeah, good times. Good times that will never happen again with Chad Henne as your quarterback.

Atlanta Falcons -1.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1.5 vs. Atlanta Falcons

You almost fooled me, Falcons. I’m not falling for that shit. You’re going to lose.

St. Louis Rams +3 at Arizona Cardinals

Wait, who is starting for the Cardinals? Does it matter? I guess not. Go Sam Bradford, and sorry for what those nice pilgrims wound up doing. I have a strong grasp on early American history.

Baltimore Ravens -1 at San Diego Chargers

Am I missing something here? Probably, but I’ll still take it.

As for Top Chef, there are way too many people involved to know what the hell went on in that challenge on Wednesday night.


The cute lady almost won by making Joël Robuchon’s classic 50/50 mashed potatoes (half potato, half butter). So for the first time in my Top Chef watching career, I can safely say that I could have totally made the final judgement. Weird season so far, and Kuniko is gone after winning the double in week one.

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