Always Be Covering: Riding With the Dogs

01.09.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

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Welcome to the Wildcard edition of Always Be Covering. There are still a couple of hours to go before the playoffs begin, so let’s kill a bit of time with some gambling.

Parlay of the Day

Only eleven games left to go, but we’re now entering prime gambling season. Now is not the time for prudence. It’s time to make some reckless NFL gambling decisions while we still can.

New York +3 at Cincinnati
Philadelphia +4 at Dallas

Today’s bet is simple. Take the points and parlay the two underdogs at 2.5/1 odds.

The Jets and Bengals will both rely heavily on their defense, and the two quarterbacks probably won’t throw 50 passes between them. It’s always good to have the points in a game like that. Besides, Rex Ryan already laid out the team’s itinerary all the way through the team’s Super Bowl victory parade. They’ll be ready to KILL. If the Jets do pull off the outright win it’ll be steaks and blowjobs all around.

The Cowboys have owned the Eagles this year, including last week’s 24-0 win. Well that doesn’t mean shit. I still think Dallas will fuck it up. Spectacularly. Failing that, this week’s will still be a hell of a lot more competitive.

And if not, you can always win your money back tomorrow.

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