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One week without the pewter and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the last team in the NFL to pick up their first win of the season (woohoo). This week they’ll undoubtedly cast aside their campy throwbacks, which will of course result in another familiar loss. Continue after the jump for this week’s NFL bets, plus a prediction for the weekend’s best sporting event (not soccer).

– Will the winner of the Patriots/Colts game represent the AFC in the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV? Yes +275

The Colts are currently +225 to win the AFC while the Patriots are +250 (Raiders are a bargain at +200,000). I’d rather just ride the winner of this game while taking advantage of the better payout. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, because this really is a terrible bet. Hooray!

– Will the New York Giants make the playoffs this Season? No -200

HAHAHAHAHA, fuck you, Giants. New York goes into their bye week at 5-4, and considering their schedule they’ll be lucky to finish with nine wins.

New York Jets -7 vs. Jacksonville

The Jets defense should be re-energized following the bye week, and this time they’ll be the ones neutering a Jaguar.

Buffalo +7 at Tennessee

In two games as a starter this season–both wins–Vince Young has gone 27/40 for 297 yards with one touchdown and zero interceptions. This week he goes up against a Buffalo team that has intercepted 15 passes on the year. Hell, Jairus Byrd alone has multiple interceptions in three straight games. That’s some crazy shit. The Bills defense should keep things relatively close.

Miami -10 vs. Tampa Bay

Everything goes back to normal this week. For Tampa that means reverting to their pewter finery and losing miserably against the spread (2-6 this season).

Dallas -3 at Green Bay

In the immortal words of our own Flubby, “Green Bay looks like dogshit right now.” So very true. Conversely, Dallas has been tearing shit up with four straight wins to their credit. The Cowboys haven’t gotten to the quarterback as often as they did last year, but all they need to get back on pace is one game against Aaron Rodgers and co.

That’s it for the football picks. Hate boxing? Fine. Enjoy the football games.


If you keep up with the world of boxing you know that this weekend’s most anticipated match-up isn’t the Pats-Colts game, it’s the Pacquiao-Cotto fight. Great fights come around from time to time, sometimes catching us completely by surprise. While this very well could (and should) be a truly great fight, it certainly shouldn’t sneak up on anybody. Seldom do you get to see two compelling action fighters who also happen to be two of the best boxers in the world sharing the ring, and that’s exactly what we’re going to get tomorrow night.

Manny Pacquiao -275 vs. Miguel Cotto

It pains me a bit to take Pacquiao here. While I really do like Manny, I’m a huge fan of Cotto’s. But shit, I’m done doubting Pacquiao’s unconventional brilliance. Cotto is a warrior, and he’s going to test Manny with some crunching left hooks, but all told I think the naturally bigger man will begin to wear down (they agreed to fight at 145, two pounds below the welterweight limit) as the fight presses on.

Absurdly detailed prediction: Pacquiao wins a majority decision thanks in part to one-point deduction on Cotto for a borderline low blow earlier in the fight. Ringside observers will note that referee Kenny Bayless’ decision was likely influenced by Freddie Roach’s constant harping. After the announcement Pacquiao will say he’s willing to consider a rematch with a grateful Cotto, at which point Floyd Mayweather will storm into the ring demanding a date with Pacqiao (and a 55-45 split). Then Shane Mosley will declare that both men are scared of him all while ducking Paul Williams. Aaaaand scene.

Note: If you’re balking at the $55 price tag for the event (or you just want to save some money and drink beer) you should take note of this promotion from Tecate. For the cost of a (cheap) 12-pack you get a $25 rebate for your pay-per-view purchase. [via TQBR]

All lines via Bodog.

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