The Anatomy Of Today’s Best Internet Comments, Courtesy Of Steelers Fans

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Hey folks, its been a couple weeks since I content curated you the best internet comment’s outside of KSK and broke them down, so I went cruising today to find the strongest takes on the web. We all knew that The NFL was going to hand down disipline on Mike Tomlin today, which they did to the tune of $100k. So I cruised on over to the papers of record in Steel city to see what the real blue collar people had to say about the matter.

I always say that a town takes on the personality of there football team, and Pittsburgh gets stronger in December folks. There were a couple real solid, not at all shit-stirring articles from the Pittsburg Gazette and some paper called the “Trib Live” which is fitting sense the articles are so bad it makes you want to scissor them out. One article was about Tomlins being great, the other was about how Tomlin is literally the part of Hitlers brain that told him to do stuff.

Out of all the takes that these comments inspire, there was one in particular that deserves a good FJMing IMO.

Lets take a look shall we?

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Right of the bat I’ve got a problem with this. Your the first comment on this post and you dont even reference that at all? Its no wonder you got 0 thumbs up SMH. Im usually not a big “First” type guy because it rarely offers any insite but with a big article like that you almost have to throw it out there out of respect for the author.

Why is it that race has to always rear it’s ugly head? As soon as you criticize someone or best them in an argument…whamo out comes the race card.

Ok this is solid stuff here. Nice casual implicaton that people of other racists are ugly to kick things up. Your not going to get called out on that 9 times out of 10 but it implants the thought without actualy saying it. A nother really effective technique that W. Michael Kovan (the W stands for “winning” I bet if you ask him) uses is he talks about how many people he bests in arguments like his whole life is a big episode of Around The Horn without commercal breaks or mechanisms in place to dismiss panelists who repeatedly sexually assault women. The “race card” is a nice touch too, it SOUNDS like “race car” which are a cool fast things no offense to Paul Walker (and also spelled the same back words as forwords, ppl forget that), and it’s also the EXACT SAME retorical device as actually playing the race card, so its using there own powers against them. Well done.

Tomlin is not a bad coach


but his coaching decisions have continuously taken a once powerful franchise down to the basement. 

This is a logicaly sound statement. “Obama is not a bad President but his Presidential decisions have ruined the whole worlds ecomnomy and literally sentenced every human to death and hes not US citizen and he defecates in the Oval Office and uses a Kenyan Bible as a diaper and his wife was a body double in “Over the Top.””

We have a constitutional right to disagree and voice displeasure without being called racist or belittled by some of you commenting here.

Hes right you know. I looked it up.


I predicted when he was hired over Whiz that Tomlin would have some good years, with Cower players regardless of Mr. Cook’s argument, then slowly erode the team to losers. That is exactly where we are. Tomlin said he hired Haley who is awful; helps Colbert with draft choices…mostly poor, makes time clock management and game decisions, terrible. All Tomlin.

But “Hes’ not a bad coach”

Now color (no offense) me skeptical that you made all these predictions. I can sign onto the internet and say “I predicted Michael Vicks career would be derailed by a dogfighting scandal before he was even drafted” but since most of us didnt have the internet in 2000 thered be no record of that. (I did this by the way I swear) Pls provide sitation for these claims in the future. MLA style perferred.

If we weren’t all bleeding Black (oops) and Gold we wouldn’t disagree so much. I have as much right to my opinion as you all do. Like it or not.

Hahaha way to sneak that one bye most of your less detail-oriented type readers. You end on a joke here which is perfect, but then you also end on a fact which is also important.

Saying “Like it or not” is a weaker way of saying “theres the door” because you give them a option to not like it, IMO you shouldnt give them that option, either they like it or they can get the hell out.

Over all a solid comment here though I give it 6.5 out of 10. 

Anyways heres just a sample of some of the other strong takes going on in Pittsburgh. These are Gods people and they’re putting the takes at PFT to shame, to say the leased.

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 10.49.50 AM

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 10.51.04 AM

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Whats “the knockout game?” Sounds scarey and like its something I should start being worried about in my daily life. Thanks for educateing me Rob.

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