Andrew Luck Has Your Dad’s Cell Phone

04.17.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

Matt Hasselbeck joined the Colts to be the guy who only takes snaps if Andrew Luck gets hurt. Since he poses no real threat to Luck’s role as starter, he can have a little fun with Indianapolis’ prized young ogre. Late yesterday, Hasselbeck tweeted a picture of Luck’s flip phone. You would think a wealthy, young architect might have the latest thing technology could provide, but Luck is just a simple, boring dude with a simple, boring old phone. Either that, or he has a burner phone for making drug deals, which we all hope and pray is the case.

In further bald, back-up quarterback exploits, Hasselbeck wants to continue to wear the jersey number 8 now that he’s with the Colts. Only problem: that number is already occupied by fellow quarterback Chandler Harnish, last year’s Mister Irrelevant. Harnish agreed to relinquish the number, with the stipulation that Hasselbeck had to pony up $8,000 if Harnish hit a half-court shot.

Haha, it’s funny because it’s a trifling sum to them, but not to us!

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