Argumentativeness, Jonathan Vilma Has It

04.04.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

Yesterday, Peter King tweeted out the names of three linebackers the Saints have signed in the last week and a half, along with a vague needling remark directed at Jonathan Vilma. Presumably, PK is implying that the Saints see the writing on the wall for Vilma, as well as others, and are scurrying to have replacements on hand for when the Ginger Banhammer falls on one or more of their defensive players.

Of course, it being PK, the message would never be that clear. So cheers to Vilma for calling Peter out on his sanctimonious douchebaggery as well as his general lack of coherence.

Probably could have done without the cheap blogger slam, but those are par for the course. We can absorb one so long as it’s in the service of taking shots at the Allagash Gash.

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