Arian Foster Flips The Troll Tactics On Dan Shaughnessy

01.07.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy is such an incredibly hacky trolling dickhead that even Boston sports fans typically disavow the notion that his views are representative of their own. It takes a lot of dickishness to make that happen. Occasionally, Shaughnessy will write a horrible piece of trolling and a reader will ask us to tear it apart. We do that every once and in a while, but on the whole, he just isn’t worth our time. And this is coming from someone who bothers to go through Peter King’s unreadable dreck each week.

Anyway, over the weekend Shaughnessy wrote a column arguing that the Patriots are super lucky to be facing the clownfraud Texans because Houston is a guaranteed W for Greatriot Nation. They might as well call it another bye week! Because it’s not like New England has ever lost in the second round of the playoffs at home to a team they blew out in the regular season. Nevertheless, the point here isn’t to argue with Shaughnessy’s trolling, because to engage a troll in serious argument is to already have lost.

Arian Foster knows this. Instead of an irate response that would only increase the amount of material Shaughnessy can get out of this, he made a section of the column his new Twitter avatar.

It’s a sly gesture, letting the troll know that we all see his trolling. Instead of anger, Foster will only use it as motivation. Sure, it allows Shaughnessy to soak more attention out of a lazy, purposely provocative ragepiece. The Globe already has another self-promoting article about the Texans’ responding to their trolling. So those assholes got what they wanted, but at least we know they didn’t kill Arian’s zen.

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