At Last, Tired Kafka Jokes Supplant Tired Dream Team Jokes

09.19.11 5 years ago 30 Comments

This bouffant beauty be Ryan’s house maiden?

Congrats on the Collinsworth-decreed SIGNATURE VICTORY for Matt Ryan, who benefited from sparsely mentioned quarterback Michael Vick getting injured, not to mention being bailed out consistently by the presumed dead naked vegan activist tight end Tony Gonzalez. Speaking of Gonzo, did you know he enjoys massively popular, but outdated blockbuster comedies? Just like us!

The Eagles very nearly pulled off the victory, despite having the aforementioned Vick leave while spitting up blood and other viscera. And seeing another receiver get destroyed by Dunta Robinson in a way that is sure to get the Falcons DB banned by the league, rolled into a carpet and shoved up Jerry Richardson’s asshole. In the end, future Eagles trade bait Mike Kafka played ably in defeat and, to his credit, was let down on the decisive 4th down play by the otherwise excellent Jeremy Maclin, the recipient of the latest Dunta brutality masterpiece. Falcons fans, meanwhile, were split on the matter of Vick getting hurt.

Some were like

Others were like

And still others did this for hours on end

But I think we can all agree, no matter your feelings on Vick or whatever team you root for, that it was fun to watch Brent Celek go from braying braggart to lifeless vessel in less than four seconds. HA HA, LOOGIT HIM DROP!

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