Austin Davis Cannot Get Past Edward Jones Dome Security Without ID

10.20.14 3 years ago 13 Comments
Austin Davis Pencil


Everyone loves a good third-string-quarterback makes good story, especially when it means that same quarterback has to lunchpail it past security like the rest of the Edward Jones Dome staff and flash his ID when going to work in the morning.

As Davis told The Dan Patrick Show this morning, he’s not recognized on the streets of St. Louis and they check his bona fides when he goes to the stadium.

(Start the interview at the :40 mark, because no one wants to hear about taking 24 hours of enjoying a win.)

“I didn’t start playing football to be a superstar or a hero, just enjoy playing the games, so getting an opportunity to do that, that’s all that really matters.”

Good to hear he has a good attitude about not being recognized. It should serve him well when/if the Rams moves to LA and TMZ races past him coming out of Sushi Roku to interview former Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove.

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