“Aww, It’s Just A Grammy”

02.12.12 6 years ago 20 Comments

We can’t offer a cure for the despondency of the first football-less Sunday in months. At best, we can provide a distraction. Therefore we suggest you spend some time this evening with Cajun Boy over at the Uproxx flagship page for a Grammy Awards open thread. Will the entire broadcast be dedicated to Whitney Houston or just the one watchable part? I’ll be pulling for Skrillex to win Best New Artist, not because I particularly care for him or dubby steppy as a genre, but because it will result in the best Internet jokes, and I tend to favor what the Internet does. For a small taste, read this Daily Beast feature that Ufford directed us toward that pretty much depicts Skrillex as a real-life version of Stefon character from SNL and then imagine the possibilities.

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