Backup Plans: What Every Team Plays When Its Replay Machine Is Down

In case you were too busy coping with the aftermath of Breaking Bad ending (miss u, Badger and Skinny Pete) there was a pretty entertaining Sunday Night Football game that was marred only by the Patriots winning and the replay system going down in Atlanta.  I joked on Twitter that the machine just played Designing Women reruns when it was down and follower @LegKickTKO noted that the Dolphins play Golden Girls.  Both statements are true, and thus I give you the TV shows that play when the other 30 teams’ replay equipment goes down.

Arizona Cardinals: Cash for gold infomercials

Baltimore Ravens: Homicide: Life on the Street

Buffalo Bills: Due South

Carolina Panthers: Eastbound & Down

Chicago Bears: Perfect Strangers

Cincinnati Bengals: John from Cincinnati

Cleveland Browns: Drew Carey Show

Dallas Cowboys: Walker, Texas Ranger with Jerry Jones digitally inserted into Chuck Norris’s fight scenes

Denver Broncos: Mork and Mindy

Detroit Lions: Home Improvement

Green Bay Packers: Happy Days

Houston Texans: Dallas

Indianapolis Colts: Parks and Rec

Jacksonville Jaguars: Downton Abbey

Kansas City Chiefs: Top Chef 

Minnesota Vikings: Coach

New England Patriots: Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place

New Orleans Saints: Chief Wiggum, P.I.

New York Giants: The Sopranos (the good seasons)

New York Jets: The Sopranos (the bad seasons)

Oakland Raiders: Sons of Anarchy

Philadelphia Eagles: Night Court

Pittsburgh Steelers: Remington Steele

San Francisco 49ers: Nash Bridges

San Diego Chargers: John from Cincinnati

Seattle Seahawks: Frasier

St. Louis Rams: That show where Todd Akin said it was OK to rape women

Tennessee Titans: Major Dad

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Shasta McNasty

Washington Whatevers: Old racist Looney Tunes

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