Backup Plans: What Every Team Plays When Its Replay Machine Is Down

10.02.13 4 years ago 106 Comments

In case you were too busy coping with the aftermath of Breaking Bad ending (miss u, Badger and Skinny Pete) there was a pretty entertaining Sunday Night Football game that was marred only by the Patriots winning and the replay system going down in Atlanta.  I joked on Twitter that the machine just played Designing Women reruns when it was down and follower @LegKickTKO noted that the Dolphins play Golden Girls.  Both statements are true, and thus I give you the TV shows that play when the other 30 teams’ replay equipment goes down.

Arizona Cardinals: Cash for gold infomercials

Baltimore Ravens: Homicide: Life on the Street

Buffalo Bills: Due South

Carolina Panthers: Eastbound & Down

Chicago Bears: Perfect Strangers

Cincinnati Bengals: John from Cincinnati

Cleveland Browns: Drew Carey Show

Dallas Cowboys: Walker, Texas Ranger with Jerry Jones digitally inserted into Chuck Norris’s fight scenes

Denver Broncos: Mork and Mindy

Detroit Lions: Home Improvement

Green Bay Packers: Happy Days

Houston Texans: Dallas

Indianapolis Colts: Parks and Rec

Jacksonville Jaguars: Downton Abbey

Kansas City Chiefs: Top Chef 

Minnesota Vikings: Coach

New England Patriots: Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place

New Orleans Saints: Chief Wiggum, P.I.

New York Giants: The Sopranos (the good seasons)

New York Jets: The Sopranos (the bad seasons)

Oakland Raiders: Sons of Anarchy

Philadelphia Eagles: Night Court

Pittsburgh Steelers: Remington Steele

San Francisco 49ers: Nash Bridges

San Diego Chargers: John from Cincinnati

Seattle Seahawks: Frasier

St. Louis Rams: That show where Todd Akin said it was OK to rape women

Tennessee Titans: Major Dad

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Shasta McNasty

Washington Whatevers: Old racist Looney Tunes

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