Bears-49ers Sunday Night Football Live Blog

09.14.14 3 years ago 1,301 Comments

Good hustle by 49ers fans to already have painful rap anthems for their new stadium. As we will be well reminded, tonight marks the first regular season game at Levi’s Stadium. If the preseason contests there are any indication, there will be minimum three fan fatalities and the turf will have to be replaced six times in the first half alone.

San Francisco easily dispatched Dallas last week. And while Jay Cutler has a tendency to be generous with turnovers at times, just about any quarterback would make the Niners defense work harder for them than Romo did in Week 1.

The Niners’ offense allayed some concerns about their offense coming into the season with a solid performance against Dallas with rookie Carlos Hyde in particular looking impressive. Of course, that was against the Cowboys dogshit defense so further research may be required.

Chicago, to their credit, put up 427 yards of offense in Week 1. They did also turn the ball over three times, helping a Buffalo team thought to be in disarray at the start of the season to a surprise opening game upset on the road. There was concern this week that Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery wouldn’t play, but at least Marshall has been listed as active. Hard to imagine without a ton of mistakes how the Bears might win without either of them.

Finally, yup, Ray McDonald is still starting. That plus an expected flyover from a women’s advocacy group at Levi’s Stadium during a marquee timeslot is sure to make this centerstage for this weekend’s drama over the NFL’s domestic violence problems. Good thing Roger Goodell will be there to answer for his lies. What’s that? Oh wait, he opted not to appear like the chickenshit shitheel he has always been.

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