The Bears Are Gonna Be Taking Martial Arts

02.12.14 4 years ago 31 Comments


Much has been made about Chip Kelly’s off-season conditioning changes when he took over as head coach of the Eagles, what with the Navy SEALS training and the personalized smoothies. Though Philadelphia showed marked improvement in Kelly’s first season, it’s difficult to determine how much of that can be attributed to his playcalling schemes as how much to owed to conditioning. Haha, what am I saying? It was all the smoothies.

So now it’s time for other times to other teams to implement radical change to their off-season regimen so their offense too can go super-duper lightning fast. Next up, the Bears, who are bringing on a martial arts expert to work with all positions.

Joe Kim has worked with eight NFL teams as a pass rush consultant or specialist, most recently with the the Kansas City Chiefs from 2010-12, and also with Penn State.

Kim’s work won’t be limited to pass rushing with the Bears. Instead, a source said he’ll work with all positions on the Bears with the goal of improving their hand work when blocking or escaping blocks.

The Chiefs and Penn State? Not sure if this is as great as it’s cracked to be.

Kim also has worked closely with Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali. Hali had 35.5 sacks in the three seasons Kim consulted in Kansas City.

Well okay, that sounds better. But he’d better teach Jay Cutler a bunch of sweet move that he’ll try to use against his better judgment on pass rushers.


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