Bears’ Marc Trestman is really Willy Wonka now

09.28.13 4 years ago 20 Comments


In case you missed it, a player nicknamed “The Black Unicorn” – Bears TE Martellus Bennett – recently said Bears head coach Marc Trestman reminds him of Willy Wonka. Chicago loves its Bears and loves its CFL import coaches even more so Twitter user Jesús in Chicago did a little magic and came up with the below video tribute to the Trestman/Wonka mash-up (via Shutdown Corner).

It’s a fitting match, really. If this means Jay Cutler is Veruca Salt, sure, sounds great. Also, like Wonka himself, it’s hard to tell if Trestman is a genius or a quiet, plotting serial killer. And, finally, like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a season in Chicago sports starts off as a wonderful utopia before eventually collapsing and revealing a deep, dark underbelly of evil underneath that leads to a never-ending sense of fatalism in the cold, dead winter.

More fun for Bears fans would have been the proposed “Bill Swerski’s Super Fan” movie that SNL’s Robert Smigel recently told Bill Simmons about, a script he co-wrote with Bob Odenkirk. But life isn’t fair and we’ll all die a terrible death one day so enjoy the song instead.

[Willy Wonka Photoshop in video originally created by Shark86x of]

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